We believe in offering interior painting services that deliver the quickest, most beautiful, and least disruptive transformation possible. As a highly-respected interior company, we continue to uphold that philosophy every day and on every project.


  • We will be removing all face plates from the walls as needed.

  • We will remove all blinds from windows as needed.¬†

  • We will be applying plastic, rosin paper, tarps and tape to protect areas we do not want to get paint on as needed.

  • We will be using high quality products on your home like, rollers, brushes and caulking.

  • We will cover all nail holes and patch them as needed.

  • We will apply 2 coats of paint.

  • The foreman or painter on your job will do a final walk around inspection with the home owner or the assigned representative at the end of the project to ensure satisfaction.


  • We will be sanding the cabinets to ensure a nice surface for the paint/stain to adhere to.

  • We will be applying TSP to remove oils & prep the surface for painting.

  • We will apply 1 coat of Primer & 2 coats of paint.