No exterior house painting services job is too big or too small for us to undertake. We only use high quality products on your project to ensure you get a long lasting quality paint job. Our experts will work with you to ensure we address all of your concerns in an efficient, affordable, courteous manner.


  • We will pull the rock away where they meet the body of the house 1 to 3 inches as needed.

  • We will power wash the entire house as needed.

  • We will cover all windows, concrete, pavers, tables, chairs, etc, as needed. 

  • We will remove all hard-wired light fixtures as needed from the home that we are able to. Once work is done, we will re-attach the same fixtures. If not able to remove, we will cover. 

  • For the wood fascia boards, we will scrape as needed / prime or enduracoat as needed / and paint. 

  • We will look for cracks and caulk them with an elastomeric caulking as needed. 

  • We will look for small holes on the home and fix them with a stucco patch to match the texture you currently have on the home. 

  • We will be spraying 2 full wet coats of paint.

  • The foreman or painter on your job will do a final walk around inspection with the home owner or the assigned representative at the end of the project to ensure satisfaction.